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  1. What To Do If You Are Behind on Your Mortgage Payments

  2. If you need assistance immediately, please call an NFCC housing counseling agency at (866) 687-6322. Otherwise, please take the time to read this section for valuable information on how to best resolve your personal situation.
    1. Contacting your lender

    2. Working with a housing counselor

  3. Alternatives to Foreclosure - What Are Your Options?

  4. This section will help you understand that there are many alternative options to foreclosure and that the earlier you contact your lender or a housing counselor, the better your chances of getting one of these options are.
    1. Foreclosure Prevention Options (Retention Options) - (Source: Federal Trade Commission)

    2. Selling Options - (Source: Federal Trade Commission)

    3. Other Options - (Source: Federal Trade Commission)

  5. Other Important Information for Homeowners

  6. This section will help you understand better your responsibilities as a homeowner and help you take better care of your home and finances so you don't put yourself or your home at risk of foreclosing.
    1. Maintaining Your Home

    2. Hiring a contractor

    3. Financing major repairs and home improvements

    4. Household Budgeting

    5. Managing and Reaping the Benefits of Homeownership

    6. Beware of Predatory Lenders


    If you are currently considering buying a home, we hope that you will take a few minutes to read the following sections on how to best educate yourself about the homebuying process.
    1. Advice and Help Are Available!

    2. Is homeownership right for you?
      1. Advantages of Homeownership

      2. Possible Drawbacks to Homeownership

    3. Can you afford to buy a house?
      1. Analyzing Your Current Expenses

      2. The Costs of Purchasing a Home

    4. How much home can you afford?
      1. Your Down Payment

      2. Your Borrowing Power

    5. How can you increase your borrowing power?

    6. Are you ready for homeownership?

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